Showing Our Home Some More Love

As promised, here are our fabulous Ikea finds from last weekend.

Along with the coffee table for the living room, we also brought home a pair of Poang chairs for the loft. The loft is a good example of the “design and use a room for how you live” lesson I learned during the YHL panel session. For months, BJ and I talked about all the possibilities for the loft. After many discussions about how we could use the room, we realized it would often be just the two of us (and Zoey, of course) spending time in the loft. Why worry about seating multiple people? We have plenty of entertaining space downstairs in the living room. Instead of an entertaining space, the loft will be a place for us to relax outside of our master bedroom. Even when family and friends come and stay with us, they can use this space to read or relax.

To kick off the loft transformation, we bought two Poang chairs with black brown frames and blue cushions.

Originally, my design plan for the loft was to hang yellow chevron curtains and make yellow chevron pillows for the chairs. After I searched the Internet for yellow chevron curtains, I couldn’t justify the price. Even to buy the fabric and make the panels and pillows myself seemed too pricey. I decided to reconsider my idea and instead I found some reasonably priced yellow chevron and gotcha lattice patterned pillows on Etsy and curtains from West Elm.

Two 18 x 18 Pillow Covers: Yellow and White Chevron Zig Zag & Gotcha Lattice

Okay, I digress…

Back to the Ikea finds. An exciting new addition to our bedroom are our his and hers cube bookshelves. Can you guess which one is which? 🙂

Those are our latest Ikea finds. As we continue showing our home some love for the upcoming reappraisal, we are slowly crossing items off our “Show Your House Some Love for the Reappraisal To Do List.”

1. Weed the garden and replant the potted mums

2. Spruce up the loft so it looks like we use the space

3. Organize and clean the spare bedroom and BJ’s office

4. Finish the crown moulding and baseboard projects

The Poang chairs were a huge upgrade to the loft, and as for the appraisal to do list, we can cross off number 2. We are still going to add some more touches to this room including the curtains, pillows and an entertainment center. But for now, we can call this one done.

We are diligently working on the rest of the list and are hoping to finish by Tuesday of next week. Fingers crossed that we get it all done in time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


The DIY Towel Tree is Complete!

Two posts in one day! We’re on a roll this weekend.

The towel tree is compete. After traveling to three home improvement stores this afternoon (and the mall and we got pizza too:)) we finally settled on hooks for the tree. After much debate and several trips from the bathroom fixture aisles to the hardware aisles and back, we decided to go with bronze robe hooks. We chose bronze because it was closest thing we could find to match the vinyl tree. The decision on the design of the hooks came down to sturdiness. And the robe hooks are a much “classier” look versus a bland hardware hook.


The last store we visited was the Home Depot and that is where we found our selection. Thankfully, they had more than just two in stock. The bases are also large enough that they cover the marks left by the previous towel rack.



And drumroll please… Here is the before and after:



20120218-182951.jpg<br /

Zoey was also very helpful during this project. She supervised and laid on the bits of toilet paper that were left in the rug from when she attacked the roll. It's going to be fun trying to clean those up.


The weird thing is she spends all day in our bedroom and bathroom and she leaves the toilet paper alone. But if the guest bathroom door is open, the toilet paper doesn’t stand a chance.

This is Zoey’s “I didn’t do it” face.