Taking over

With the projects going on inside this spring, our garden has lacked a little TLC. And now it’s fighting back.

The grass is moving in and the weeds are taking over.

There is good news though, one of the tulips I planted last year survived and it starting blooming last week.

And our lilies are coming back! Hooray!

So what is on the garden to do list? Here are a few items I would like to do this spring/summer:

1. Remove the weeds and grass.
2. Add a stone wall around the perimeter of the garden to keep the grass out
3. Mulch
4. Replant our potted porch plants
5. Add some flowers to the flower bed on the right side of our garage door

It’s been chilly this week and we had a couple of freeze warnings overnight. Due to the unpredictable temperatures and freeze warnings, I’ve held off on any garden projects until we have more consistent days of warm weather and sunshine.

What are you planting in your garden this year? Any plans to spruce up existing gardens and flower beds?