Giving the gladiolus a little lift

Do you remember the V8 commercials with the people walking around leaning to the side? Then everyone would drink a V8 and stand up straight again. Our gladiolus reminded me of that last night when I saw it leaning in our garden. It looked like it needed a V8. I also discovered that we had two gladiolus growing this year. However, after we came home from running errands this morning, one leaned over so much that it snapped and it is now in a vase in our kitchen.

But the other gladiolus got a little lift after we ran to Home Depot to get a stake to tie it to. We decided to get a shepherd’s crook and hang a plant basket to add something more to that area of the garden.

We couldn’t find any string, so we used a small piece of wire to tie the long stem to the shepherd’s crook.

Meanwhile, the other flower that snapped is hanging out in our kitchen. I love the way it looks in the bright green vase! BJ got me flowers for our two-year anniversary and they came in this vase. It looks perfect with the bright green we have in our kitchen.

While we were at Home Depot today, we also bought two new Adirondack chairs so we could move the teal chairs to the back patio. And we bought some fun contrasting pillows to make the chairs pop.

So no mulching yet, but I better get to it soon! I spotted some weeds trying to take over our garden. Not cool!

Dear weeds, I’m coming for you. Love, Jessica.

Have  a great weekend everyone! Stay cool!

Lilies Galore!

I’ve posted a lot of flowers and our gardens lately, but with all of this beautiful weather, it’s been hard to stay inside! With that said, here are a few more beautiful flowers from our gardens! Our lilies are doing wonderful and the petunias I planted over a week ago, are still going strong!

Since I’ve taken a bunch of flower photos lately, I’ve been thinking about putting together another photo collage for our wall. This one will include some of our travel (last weekend we paid a visit to Philadelphia, but more on that later…) as well as some of the photos from our garden, or maybe I will put together two collages!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! Ours was great! I will post more later this week on our fantastic Memorial Day weekend trip to Philly!

Pinterest Picks: Summer Living

In honor of Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial kick off to summer, I thought it would be fun to check out Pinterest and search using the keywords “summer living.” Lately, I’ve been dreaming of a patio to relax and hang out during the warm summer months. My search gave me some ideas for our future patio.

Here are a few of my favorite “summer living” finds:









For more of my “summer living” search click here or visit my Pinterest board, Backyards to see some of my favorite outdoor decors.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! And a special thank you to our troops for all you do for our country!

Have a a great weekend!

Pretty Petunias

I was very ambitious today when I made a trip to Home Depot to buy plants for our front porch flower pots. Instead of just coming home with flowers for the pots, I came home with all of this:

When I got home, I started arranging the flowers by the garage door to see how they would look. I’ve been wanting to add more flowers over there for a long time, so today was finally the day!

Once the flowers by the garage were arranged, I started working on the flower pots on the front porch. It was really warm out and by starting on the porch, I could hide in the shade until the sun dropped behind the house.

Once I was finished with the flower pots, I had a few extra petunias left over, so I planted them in the beds right in front of the porch.

Then it was on to the flower bed by the garage. I found a beautiful yellow/orange hibiscus bush at Home Depot. I debated between a rhododendron and the hibiscus bush but finally settled on the hibiscus. I really like the color and think it will look nice with our other tropical perennials.

Once I was finished digging out the clay (which took FOREVER) and planting the flowers, the final product looked like this:

Also, while I was at Home Depot today, I found new path lights! Our old path lights are faded and several of them do not light up anymore. We got them for pretty cheap, so I figured it was time to replace them. I also love that you can change the new lights from color changing to white light, not to mention that they look cool during the day.

After I planted all of the petunias and the hibiscus bush and installed the new lights. I took break to see how it all turned out.

I’m very pleased with the results of my gardening day! Every year, we add a little more to our gardens. I love how they are looking this year. I can’t wait to see everything in bloom! Our lilies already have buds, so it’s only a matter of time!

Up next for our gardens: new mulch!

The lawn boy

BJ got a new yard toy.

And I must admit, it’s pretty sweet. It really cleans up the yard well. it is a trimmer, blower and weed whip all in one. So in just a matter of a week, our yard went from this:

You can see the grass is coming over the edge of the concrete.

And now the yard looks like this. Notice how nice the edges by the sidewalk look. Not to mention that there isn’t grass all over the place.

I could actually walk outside and grab a few pictures without coming back in with gobs of grass everywhere!! Success!

This will also make edging the garden a lot easier too. I had a heck of a time pulling all the grass out of the garden bed just to get it to look like this.

We’re slowly building our lawn tool box. We have a nice mower and our blower, whip, edger combo to go along with your more common, yard rake, trowel, shovel, etc.

Every now and then I consider hiring landscapers, but I do enjoy working in the yard when I can.

So what’s next for us? Well, it’s been a busy spring so far, but I’m looking into finding some hearty houseplants, getting some organizing projects completed (closets, pantries, the laundry room) and of course, the little decorating projects that spring up here and there. Stay tuned!

Hello Spring.

Spring is officially here! And, of course that means I got out our Spring decorations… all four of them. Okay, we might have six or seven if you count the few that I got out weeks ago, but it’s not many.

Two weeks ago I bought the welcome sign above and this Happy Easter sign. They were on sale. Who doesn’t love a good sale?

A few years ago, my mom got me this “Rockin Rabbit” for Easter. He is a lot of fun because he sings a song about Easter goodies to the beat of “Blue Suede Shoes.”

I also got out a flower arrangement I put together years ago as well as our Easter baskets so I could start planning our Easter candy and treats! I gave up candy for Lent, so I’m excited to treat myself to candy when Lent is over. There are two big bags of my favorite fruit and spice jelly beans sitting on our counter waiting for Easter.

The tulip basket is for Zoey. The Easter Bunny brings her toys and treats every year. She might be spoiled. Just a little bit. 🙂

Aside from getting out our decorations, as a I drove around today, I made sure to enjoy how beautiful the trees look in bloom. The tree in our front yard does not flower, but there are several trees around our area that do. Last Spring, I took pictures of the trees that line the road near our neighborhood. The photos now make up this photo collage frame that hangs in our entryway:

And before we went for a walk tonight, I went out to see what else is blooming in our flower beds and I spotted our lilies coming up already!

How did you spend the first day of Spring? We went for a walk this evening and enjoyed dinner outside. I love Spring!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Today is the day when everyone wears green, drinks green beer and speaks in an Irish accent, so let’s talk about something else that is green: gardens!

In my last two posts, you’ve seen the stages of our hyacinths in bloom and today they were fully blooming and beautiful!

Our front gardens are looking really great, with the exception of the garden off to the side of our garage. It leaves something to be desired.

I’ve neglected this garden in past years, but this year I will try to focus on getting some nice plants added and spruce it up a bit.

For the gardens out front, we would like to add a stone wall and edge off the gardens from the grass. This will help keep the weeds around the grass area down as well.

When it’s finished it should look something like this:

As it continues to warm up outside, we will be spending time sprucing up our yard and building our curb appeal.

We are also planning to do some work on the back yard in the near future. We want to add a patio or deck and eventually put some landscaping and a vegetable garden back there. Right now it’s very plain.

I started collecting ideas for our backyard plans on my Backyards Pinterest board.

I’m looking forward to having a backyard that is usable and we can entertain and cook out with friends. Right now there is nothing in our backyard but a tree and our grill. It’s very boring.

So in other news, we are getting closer to finding a new couch for our living room (hooray!). We’ve narrowed it down to this couch at Ikea:

KARLSTAD Corner sofa 2+3/3+2 IKEA A range of coordinated covers makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look.

The couch comes as separate pieces so you can come up with multiple configurations. Now we just need to figure out what configuration we want. It will be awesome to finally have a couch that sits more than three people. We only have seating for three in our living now and it makes movie night with friends a little difficult.

Look for future updates on our gardens and couch!

Enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day festivities!