The Space In Between

We’re making progress on the grout. On Wednesday night, we finally dove head first into the process. BJ grouted and I went behind and cleaned up the excess grout with a bucket of water and a sponge.

Thursday morning I stood in the dining room and admired the grout in the morning sun. It is really starting to look nice.

On Wednesday, we learned a valuable lesson while grouting. Slow and steady wins the race. We started out by grouting one and one half rows at a time and then we decided that went well so we would grout two and one half rows. That didn’t work. I couldn’t keep up with cleaning the excess and it starting drying on me. The bucket of water became so full of grout that I had keep getting new clean water and it really slowed me down. Not to mention that the grout drying on the tiles made it twice as hard to clean them. So I think we are only going to go one and one half tiles at a time. I might be able to keep up with the cleaning before the grout dries.

Here’s how the grout looked when we first laid it down and cleaned up the edges. Keep in mind there are natural grooves on slate titles so they are not perfectly smooth or edged.

And today, after a few days of drying, the grout looks like this:

We still have more tiles to go and after we get all the grout in the seams, we need to go back and clean up the sand and grit left by the drying grout.

We are planning to grout more this evening and I will post pictures soon!

Have a great weekend!