Raising the Bar

The patio looks a little different now than it did a few weeks ago. We went from this:

To this:

So how did we get here? It took a bit of work to put up the gazebo, especially since we ran into an issue pretty early on. The side post weren’t tall enough ro raise the top bar above our sliding glass door. It didn’t seem like that big of an issue at first, but we thought about how it would look with the canvas top on, and how it would look inside. So after we deliberated on how we would raise the gazebo, we landed on the idea of paver and off to Menards we went.

The selection of pavers was daunting, but after we narrowed down a few choices, we decided on the red Belgium rock pavers.

Before we could mount the post, we had to glue the pavers to the patio. That required some glue and some elbow grease (provided by BJ).

Another snag we ran into is our patio, which is supposed to be a 10 x 10, is actually more like 9 1/2 x 11. The gazebo is 10 x 10. Eventually, we will build some brick pedestals around the pavers to finish the look and not have pavers hanging off the edge of our deck.

Once the pavers were glued down and had 24 hours to set up, BJ drilled holes in the top pavers to mount the gazebo posts.

Then he used these crazy screws to anchor everything down.

After the posts were anchored down, we attached the canvas roof and the next night, we added lights.

And now we are finished!

And here is our view from the kitchen. A shady deck, calling for us to come sit outside and enjoy the summer days.

Have a great weekend!


Where are the Yard Crashers when you need them?

I need to start hanging out at Lowes more often. Then maybe I’ll run into Ahmed Hassan from HGTV’s Yard Crashers and he can come spruce up our boring backyard. It currently leaves something to be desired.


As you can see, there isn’t much there except a concrete slab and a tree. The builder was nice enough to plant the only tree that currently calls our backyard its home. They were supposed to plant two trees out front, but somehow only one was planted out front and the other ended up in the backyard. Eventually we will add more trees to both yards.



Although the builder removed all the trees before we built, the house that is directly behind us still has a bunch of old beautiful trees. The people that own the house behind us also put up a large white fence that lines our property. The fence has its perks because it offers some privacy to our backyard.


We don’t use the backyard right now, but one day I hope it will look something like this:



We are thinking about building a deck by the back window and then expanding the concrete slab by adding some beautiful pagers around it. I would also like to add a vegetable garden and some elevated landscaping. Lastly, I love the look of the fire rocks so we’ll need a place for one of those as well! We’ve also talked about a second floor deck wit a patio under it. So many ideas!

So this dream backyard may take a few years to finally finish, but I’m looking forward to seeing the progress. Right now we have a clean slate to start with so the possibilities are endless.

I also need to get a handle on the jungle garden out front, but that’s a post for another day. In the meantime, I need to get to Lowes so I can find Ahmed Hassan. He’s bound to show up eventually!