Neutral Couch Meet Bright and Colorful Pillows

What is the quickest way to give your couch a makeover? Just add pillows! Our couch is a great example of how you can take a neutral couch and give it a quick makeover. FBFS_pillows-10

We have a large dark gray couch and on its own, our couch isn’t very exciting. With the addition of a few accent pillows, the couch is transformed into a fun space to relax.

So why not buy a bright couch, you ask? If you prefer, and your existing color scheme allows, chose a red, green, blue, white, yellow or orange couch and add neutral, patterned pillows for a great contrast. But if you already have a neutral couch, just add color and contrast!

To liven up our couch, we added pillows with color, pattern and texture. You can add a few pillows or several pillows. Incorporate pillows in different sizes, colors and shapes to create dimension and contrast to your couch. Be creative! Mix patterns, sizes and shapes in complimentary colors or go bold and bright with your pillows and patterns. Use your imagination. You do not have to play it safe! Your home is a reflection of your creativity and personal taste. Have fun while you decorate!


Where did we find our accent pillows, you ask? The solid green and blue pillows are from Crate & Barrel and the faux fur pillows are from Target. My favorite pillows, which are the large patterned pillows, are handmade by my mom. I found the fabric at a local quilting shop and my mom offered to make the pillow covers so she could learn how to sew zippers. Because BJ and I have two cats and family members who are allergic to cats, we need to be able to take the pillow covers to wash before guests arrive. Zippers are essential!


My mom did most of the sewing at her house when I wasn’t able to capture pictures, but here is a tutorial for those interested in adding a zipper to their own pillow covers. To make the pillow covers, my mom cut the fabric into one large rectangle shape and then she folded the rectangle in half with the inside facing out and pinned each side. She measured the fabric to be a bit bigger than the pillow inserts but each fabric rectangle folded to make a final pillow size of 26″ X 26″.


Next, my mom sewed each side of the pillow. Last, she sewed in the zipper on the bottom before turning the pillow cover right-side out. My mom did a great job of sewing each pillow. The finished covers look amazing!


Here is a look at the zipper on the bottom. FBFS_pillows-12


BJ and I spend many evenings hanging out and watching movies/TV on our big comfy couch. Our cats are also fond of our couch and pillows. Zoey hugs the couch regularly (see below for proof) and Bentley often naps on the chaise lounge. FBFS_pillows-14



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