Seasonal Switches

Christmas has come and gone and every year I find myself wanting to keep some of our Christmas decorations out a little longer. In a fun and not tacky way, of course!

Well, this year I found a way! The table runner and placemats that I bought for our kitchen island are still out and will remain out until Valentine’s Day. They are red and white and work perfect with red decor for Valentine’s Day. And why not snowflakes for V-Day? It’s a winter holiday after all and BJ and I love snow.


We even incorporated our twinkling winter berry outdoor lights into our indoor decor. They really make our dining room glow! If they didn’t have frosted cranberries on them, I might keep them out year! They are so pretty.



How do you decorate for the changing seasons. Do you have decor between Christmas and spring or do you go straight to spring?


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