DIY Thursday: Christmas Gifts and Decorations

This year there was Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday that turned into Cyber Tuesday, Cyber Wednesday and I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Enough with the shopping events already. If you’re planning to make any of your gifts this year, it’s time to get busy. In the spirit of making gifts and decorations, I’m calling today “DIY Thursday.”

BJ and I will be making a few gifts this year and earlier this month, I started gathering some inspiration from Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for holiday gifts.

1. Scrabble Coasters

If you were out Black Friday shopping this year, you probably saw the Scrabble Classic game for $7 at Target. Once you have the Scrabble tiles, all you need for this gift is some cork for the back, super glue and then a clear enamel spray. Sounds easy enough.

Domestic for Dummies: Fall Pinterest Project: DIY Coasters

2. Hand written/drawn designs on coffee mugs

Thinking of getting someone a coffee or tea sampler? You can design your own mugs to go along with the gift set. All you need is a Sharpie, a white ceramic mug(s) and an oven.

DIY decorative or favorite sayings mugs

3. Flower Canvas

If you’re feeling crafty and have some extra scrapbook paper and a canvas laying around (or a craft store nearby), you can make your family or friends this flower made of scrapbook paper.

Beautiful canvas made with scrapbook papers.

4. Homemade Cocoa Mix

Last year, I made several family members and friends cocoa mixes. Just follow the ingredients listed here and viola: homemade cocoa! Yum.

Fun for Christmas gifts.

Last year, I also made a few DIY decorations like these poinsettia ornaments out of cardboard.

And decorations using frames and wrapping paper.

Are you making any gifts or decorations this year? Where do you find your inspiration for DIY Christmas gifts?


2 thoughts on “DIY Thursday: Christmas Gifts and Decorations

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