A little reorganization

Awhile ago, I found a picture on Pinterest that inspired me to organize my bathroom drawer using flower pots.

Pinned Image

When I first organized my drawer, I used mediums flower pots. While cleaning out our garage, I found a box full of small flower pots and decided to swap out the medium pots for smaller ones.

In order to protect the pots from make up stains and keep them easy to clean, I used coffee filters as liners.

So here is the before when I used medium blue pots

And here is the same drawer with smaller terra cotta pots:

I like the smaller pots because they allow for even more organization. I have all of my items sorted into more specific categories such as powdered make-up, eyeshadows, eye liners and mascara, brushes, Q-tips, contact lens cases, contacts and hair ties and bobby pins. It keeps everything in their own little pots and I’m no longer digging around trying to find something. Much better! All it takes is a little reorganization.


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