Pretty Vases

Lately, I’ve been in love with tall vases and tall flower arrangements. They bring so much drama to a space and they really make a statement.

After we finished the tile in the dining room and moved the table and chair back in, I redecorated the table to look like this:

But it wasn’t exciting. It lacked the drama that the previous tall arrangements brought to the room.

So I made a few changes and now I love the set up.

And aside from the new tall arrangement of dahlias, I also replaced the red candles and coffee beans in the shorter vases from Crate and Barrel. I used the coffee beans for the tall center arrangement (which I bought all the supplies for at Target) and then I found raspberry potpourri vase filler (also from Target) that resembles a birds nest. I divided the potpourri into the two vases and added the eggs that came with it for the nests.

It smells great and looks lovely on our table.

If you are wondering what happened to the vases of orchids that used to be in our dining room, they are now located on our kitchen island.

And here a few of the other tall arrangements located around our house. These two sit on top of our fireplace in the living room:

And we have an arrangement of gerbera daisies in the guest bathroom:

And more gerbera daisies in our bedroom:

Do you have any decor that you love right now or you would consider a “go to item” when adding your personal touch on a room?

Have a great weekend!


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