On to the next…

We’ve been talking about our slate tile floor a lot lately, and even though it’s not quite finished, I’m ready to talk about something else.
So what else is on our agenda to do this year?

Let’s recall our to do list:

1. Cleaning/Organizing the garage
2. Cleaning/Organizing the laundry room and kitchen pantry
3. Towel rack projects for master and guest bathroom
4. Decorate the loft area
5. Continue decorating master bedroom
6. Design and create message center for the hallway by the garage
7. Build craft/sewing table
8. Organize computer cords

I started working on the kitchen pantry organizing and we can cross off the guest bathroom towel rack project.

But that still leaves us with quite a few projects. And the list is always growing.

9. Install wall quotes in several rooms
10. Pick out a new couch
11. Install track lighting over the kitchen island

We have a new couch in mind, but now we need to buy it, bring it home and get it set up in our living room.

And then there are a few other lingering projects that we would like to finish:

12. Finish the crown molding
13. Install baseboard and quarter round in the dining room
14. Paint the interior doors again
15. Paint the quarter round in the master bathroom

We have the final pieces we need to finish the crown molding and once we pick out the baseboard for the dining room, we will paint both the crown molding and baseboards and then install them.


We have quite a list of projects to accomplish yet this year! We better get busy!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “On to the next…

    • Some of ours carried over from last year. Those are our lingering projects.

      I’m hoping we can get more finished this year. πŸ™‚ It will keep us busy, for sure!

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