Grout anyone?

Could it be true? Are we finally ready to grout our floor? Yes we are! I am so excited to see this floor project in its final stages. We are finally in the home stretch!

One thing I want to quickly mention is the importance of wearing safety glasses when working on this or other projects that might result in objects flying at your face. Even if you think it will be okay, it’s better to be safe. You can pick up safety glasses at your local hardware store.

Tonight we went to Home Depot and picked out our grout and float. We chose a pre-mixed grout to avoid the mess of mixing it ourselves. It cost a few extra dollars but in the end, I believe it will be worth it. Not to mention the time saved. We also bought two buckets of grout just in case one bucket doesn’t do the job. Whatever is left over we can use for touch ups down the road.The color we chose is natural grey which should look nice against the stone tiles. There are so many colors to choose from. And if you go with a mix, you can choose from even more colors.

Tomorrow night the grouting will begin! And to keep you updated on our progress since my last post, we cleaned all the dust and debris from the floor and sealed it again.

Short post tonight but more to come this week! Stay tuned.


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