March Madness

As usual, it’s been a busy few weeks and things have been quiet on the home improvement/decor front. Two weekends ago my parents were in town to visit and last weekend we were traveling to visit family. Now we are back home and planning our next round of projects and figuring out what is left to do to complete the projects we started before Thanksgiving.

So here’s where we stand:

The dining room floor is still waiting on grout. It hasn’t been warm enough outside to open the windows, so we are putting this project on hold until we get closer to Spring. We would like to open the windows while we grout. The smell of grout is really strong and right now, we’re concerned that having the heat on in the house may dry out the grout and cause it to crack.

In the meantime, it’s still a functional room and we enjoyed dinner in there one night while my parent’s were in town visiting.

The last time we visited the Home Depot we checked out a few options for base molding. Maybe once we shop around a bit more, we will make a decision in time for grouting.

We are also making progress with the crown molding. We bought the last 16 ft piece and it needs sanded and painted before it can go up.

And we made a few subtle changes here and there…

I updated the flower arrangement in the guest bathroom to these bright and cheery gerbera daisies. They are very inviting when you walk in the bathroom.

We also found a cool placemat to add “a little something extra” to our Pottery Barn hurricane candle holder.

And you might’ve noticed that we added a cork! The weekend before last, my parents were in town and we open a bottle of blackberry wine from a local winery. Yum!

We also found a new, taller candle. And because it is a flameless candle with a timer, we set it to come on at a certain time of the evening and we do not have to worry about turning it off or blowing it out before we go to bed!

So that’s all that’s new for right now. Hope everyone is having a great March so far!


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