The DIY Towel Tree is Complete!

Two posts in one day! We’re on a roll this weekend.

The towel tree is compete. After traveling to three home improvement stores this afternoon (and the mall and we got pizza too:)) we finally settled on hooks for the tree. After much debate and several trips from the bathroom fixture aisles to the hardware aisles and back, we decided to go with bronze robe hooks. We chose bronze because it was closest thing we could find to match the vinyl tree. The decision on the design of the hooks came down to sturdiness. And the robe hooks are a much “classier” look versus a bland hardware hook.


The last store we visited was the Home Depot and that is where we found our selection. Thankfully, they had more than just two in stock. The bases are also large enough that they cover the marks left by the previous towel rack.



And drumroll please… Here is the before and after:



20120218-182951.jpg<br /

Zoey was also very helpful during this project. She supervised and laid on the bits of toilet paper that were left in the rug from when she attacked the roll. It's going to be fun trying to clean those up.


The weird thing is she spends all day in our bedroom and bathroom and she leaves the toilet paper alone. But if the guest bathroom door is open, the toilet paper doesn’t stand a chance.

This is Zoey’s “I didn’t do it” face.



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