A Gray Cat and the Cherry Tree

The tree is on the wall!


Now we need some hooks to make it complete. We already have the holes drilled for two hooks. This is thanks to the former towel rack that didn’t serve much of a purpose.


So we are officially on the search to find hooks to hang in our tree. The idea is that if we find black hooks they will blend in and look like leaves. There will be one hook that sets away from the tree, but it’s only because it is from the former towel rack. Instead of plastering the hole and painting it, we decided it would be easier to use it as a hook. I thought it would be cool if we could find a vinyl bird to place out near the hook so it blends in. I’m going to keep my eyes out for that next time we visit Target. I know I’ve seen vinyl birds before.

Zoey is also excited we are working on projects again. She is enjoying the bag from our pottery barn find and last night she pawed the tree after it was on the wall. Maybe she wanted to confirm it wasn’t real? Not sure why she pawed it, but maybe it was her sign of approval.


Happy Saturday everyone!


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