The Days Are Just Packed

And we’re back. After a brief hiatus we are back and working on projects again.

Lately, the days have been packed with work and life. So before we get into our next project, I want to take a step back to earlier this week. Valentine’s Day was Tuesday and BJ spoiled me as usual. 🙂

A few days prior to Valentine’s Day, BJ and I were grocery shopping and we walked past the flower display where I pointed out the cute “baby” tulips. So on Tuesday, this was delivered to me:


I surprised BJ with a Reese’s Tiger, Reese’s Hearts and M&Ms. The tiger sings a song about Reese’s peanut butter cups to the tune of the “Peanut Butter Jelly” song. It’s super cute and Reese’s cups are BJ’s favorite.


Tuesday night we went to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We ordered enough food that we continued our celebration again and enjoyed the leftovers on Wednesday night. Later this weekend we are going to continue our Valentine’s Day celebration with a couples massage and dinner at a local winery and restaurant.

So now on to our project. If you’ve checked out my Pinterest page DIY, you might’ve noticed the photo of the “towel tree.” When I came across this photo, I immediately thought this would be a great way to solve an issue we face when guests come to visit. We never have enough places to hang towels.

We only have one towel rack in our bathroom. At times, we might have up to 5 adults visiting us and using this bathroom.


The plan is to use a vinyl wall tree design as a background to place hooks to hang towel. The tree will look something like this.


Now imagine that tree with hooks to hang towels on. Once we finish it will give us more space for our guests to hang their damp towels. And instead of a bunch of random towel racks it will be a fun towel tree.

More updates and pictures to come.

Another upcoming project we are working on is part home improvement, part celebration. We found this fun centerpiece at Pottery Barn and our plan is to fill the bottom with wine corks. Instead of going out and buying wine corks, we want to fill the bottom with corks from wine we enjoy drinking. But we can’t really do that on our own (at least not quickly). And why not share this fun project with our friends? It looks like there will be several wine and game nights in our future. 🙂





4 thoughts on “The Days Are Just Packed

  1. Hey Jessica! I’ve been checking out your blog and your home looks great!! I’m glad you’re doing so well. I couldn’t help but comment because I have a little jar that’s filled with wine corks, too – but my boyfriend and I have been writing the date or special occasion on the corks before throwing them in – we have corks from our first bottle of wine together, and Thanksgiving, etc, so we can go through and remember them – just a thought! 🙂

    • I love your idea, Becky! We could also have friends that visit and share wine with us write their names on the cork like a guestbook for the night or weekend.

      It’s good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well. 🙂

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