A few subtle changes

Now that the Christmas decorations are put away and the tree has vacated our living room, I’ve been making a few subtle changes to our decor.

Subtle change #1: The dining room table

After the holidays, I switched out our reindeer placemats for our year round Vera Bradley Yellow Bird mats. I love these placemats because they are super versatile. And reversible! Also, I decided to keep our red candles from Christmas and I switched the flowers for something that could translate through seasons. I really love the red candles and orchids right now because they are perfect for Valentine’s Day.



Subtle change #2: The master bedroom

Two weeks ago, I was roaming around Target at lunchtime and I stumbled onto a clearance section with a few Springmaid items including this fun orange quilt. It really adds a little something to our bed. Right now it’s not the most exciting styled bed, but it’s getting there. Next on my list to add are new pillows and throw pillows. Oh yeah… And a headboard. Baby steps.

I also spruced up the storage cubes by our bed. They used to be a mess of fabric cubes with all sorts of random items and papers stuffed in them. Now I have my books and knick knacks neatly on display. I left two fabric cubes to store misc items such as magazines and cords for electronics.


Subtle change #3: The kitchen

For those of you that know me are already aware that I recently started eating healthier and I lost 15 lbs on Weight Watchers. I’m at my goal weight so that means I need to maintain! To make a long story short, I’ve been cooking more often and I didn’t have an easy way to read my cookbooks while cooking. Well, Crate and Barrel came to my rescue with this awesome cookbook stand. It even has a splatter guard so I don’t splash food on my cookbooks. Genius.


Subtle change #4: Where did Zoey go?

With all the moving and shaking going on downstairs, Zoey spends more of her time upstairs. To accommodate her new locale, we moved her favorite items upstairs so she can relax in comfort.

Since it is still winter (despite what retail stores might think) I left our snowflake lights up on the
stair railing. I love the glow they give off a night. We will leave them up until winter is over.

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