Deck the Halls

I love Christmas! Decorating for Christmas is always so much fun. I love how festive and cheery our house is right now. Despite not having much time to finish the projects we started before Thanksgiving, our house still looks very festive and welcoming.

This year, we bought a new tree for our entry way (seen above) because our old one had seen better days. As a result we put the old tree upstairs in the loft window and now we have three trees! The third tree just has lights on it, so it is mostly visible from the outside. Below is our main tree located in the living room.

This year since we have a fireplace, we hung our stocking by the chimney with care. 🙂 Even Zoey has her own stocking.

And the Christmas cheer is even found in our kitchen. Every year, my Uncle Steve give my cousins and I great Christmas gifts. Here is my Caroling Cat. He found a home on top of our flour jar on the kitchen island. If you squeeze his belly, his meows “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

And we even have a few Beanie Babies incorporated into our Christmas decor. I guess they didn’t pay for my college like I thought they would, but the snowman looks cute sitting on top of our fridge. Someday maybe they will be worth something again. In the meantime, I will use the Christmas ones to decorate during the holidays.

Happy Holidays!


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