Making progress

We’ve officially started our crown molding project. Before you start any big project like this, you have to decide on your design. For this project, we needed to design our crown molding. After looking at the options to do a two piece molding, we decided to go with something more traditional and chose a one piece molding.

Below are our one piece molding options:

And the winner is…

So now on to the project.

Before we can install the crown molding, we have to finish the speaker wire project BJ started earlier this year. For awhile, there’s been a long string of wires hanging from our ceiling. In order to install the crown molding, we have to tuck those wires in the wall and run them down to an outlet behind the entertainment center.

And when you run speaker wire through the wall, you get to cut a big hole in the wall!

Actually: two big holes! Below is the place where the outlet will be.

So once we get the speaker wire in the wall and connected, we will install the crown molding to hide all the wires and our lovely hole. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


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