Happy Halloween everyone! Tonight was Trick-or-Treat night in our neighborhood and we had a record 25 kids this year! The record to beat: Two kids. Our first year here was pretty dismal for Trick-or-Treaters. I was so sad that only two kids came to our house. Had I known, I would’ve given them more candy. But this year, a whole 25 came and it was really fun to see all of their costumes (my favorite was an Angry Bird). Maybe next year we’ll have 50 kids! Dream big, right? 🙂

So to celebrate Trick-or-Treat night in Frame By Frame Style, I decorated the porch in a mix of Fall and Halloween decorations. The best part of our decorations were the pumpkins we carved last night!

It was still light out when Trick-or-Treat started, so I waited until everything was over to run outside and snap a few photos of our pumpkins in their glory. Inside are color-changing LED lights.

And here are the pre-Trick-or-Treat shots of our Fall/Halloween display.

I’m kind of a big kid when it comes to Trick-or-Treating. Even though we do not have any kids, and I’m no longer a kid myself, I am always so excited to give out candy. BJ had to keep reminding me that it was sort of creepy to stare through the blinds to watch for more kids to come. I was also like a girl going on her first date. I waited a few seconds to open the door so it wouldn’t seem like I was standing right there. That’s not weird, right? Okay, it is. But I had fun handing out candy.
I even decorated our dining room table in Halloween decor. Remember the candy corn vases? I added the BOO luminaries yesterday.
And did you notice we changed dining room table orientation?
Happy Halloween!

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