New England Charm

And we’re back!! After a two week long hiatus, we are back and ready to bring you more home decor projects. But first, where have we been for the last two weeks? Good question. BJ and I took some time off last week to visit family and friends in New England. And then, once we got back home, we needed time to organize the house and get back into the swing of things.

Our trip to New England started in upstate New York to visit some of BJ’s family.  After we spent a few days in New York, we headed to Wallingford/New Haven, Connecticut to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.

While in New York, we took in the town of Saratoga Springs and drove around to see some of the beautiful local surroundings. One of the features I loved in the surrounding areas architecture was the use of columns and arches. Big arched windows and columns were everywhere.


I fell in love with the quaint charm of Saratoga Springs, an equestrian community located about 30 minutes north of Albany.  The downtown area is charming. Adorable bistros, restaurants and boutiques line the streets of the central business district.
One morning, we ate breakfast at a bistro called Max London’s. I loved it’s trendy fun atmosphere. Check out how they serve coffee!
Because Saratoga Springs is known for it’s annual horse race, there were statues of horses all over town.
Another feature of some of the New England buildings we visited were the beautiful chandeliers. This one was located in a conference/wedding venue in Saratoga Springs:
My favorite by far, were the chandeliers in the wedding venue of my cousin’s wedding reception in New Haven, Connecticut. How beautiful! The reminded me of beautiful crystal pineapples.
The foyer outside the reception hall boasted big beautiful columns and large windows. This is where we enjoyed cocktail hour.
We had a wonderful time visiting with family for an extra long weekend. But, now we are back in the Midwest and working away on our home decor projects. It was great to be so inspired last week by all the beautiful architecture and charm of New England. Maybe we can bring a little bit of it into our Midwest home.
Keep checking back for more updates on our progress!

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