Trying to beat the heat

It’s no joke that it is hot outside! When I got in my car today to drive home from work, the thermometer displayed this:

Yesterday, the heat and humidity was just as high as it was today. So instead of trying to work on projects outside in the excessive heat, I decided that I was going to stay inside and work on a project that I’ve been thinking about for awhile.

Several months ago I bought wrapping paper to wrap a gift for my cousin’s wedding. I loved the wrapping paper’s bright green color and design and wondered how I could incorporate it into something for our home. I’ve also been trying to figure out the dilemma when you have only a little bit of wrapping paper left and every time you go to wrap something your about an inch too short to cover the entire gift. So instead of throwing the leftover paper away, I decided to use it for a photo collage (because I love them :).

To complete this project, here are the supplies you will need: Wrapping paper, frames and scissors. The cost for the entire project (including the supplies you see below) was around $20. This is a great time of the year to go and buy frames in bulk. The green frames came in a pack of four for around $5. Each white frame was roughly $2.

To cut the wrapping paper to fit the frame, I used the frame’s insert as a guide.

Once you cut the paper to fit the frame, you can discard the inserts, but if you are like me and you may want to change the wrapping paper down the road, you can always keep one insert and tuck it inside one of the frames so you have it later on. For this project, I chose two different color and style frames. I also went with two different designs of wrapping paper. Here is the finished product:

Originally, I thought I would hang them on the wall under our kitchen cabinets, but once I hung a few with tape to see how they would look, it didn’t turn out how I envisioned. Although my original location didn’t work out, I still love the frames with the bright wrapping paper. I think I might hang them as a collage in our bedroom. I will keep you posted on the final location once I make up my mind.

Stay cool this week!


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