Wall Art

“No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design.”
— Sherlock Holmes

Foyer photo collage

I love photo collages. I love designing them, hanging them and most of all, I love taking the photos that make up our many photo collages. To me, photo collages are a simple, yet elegant way to hang photos like art and showcase my hobby to those who visit our home.

Photo collages are a great DIY project for someone who is looking to dress up a wall with their own personal touch. You can use family photos, scenic photos, nature photos or mix and match. The sky is the limit.  If you are not photographer by any means, or just aren’t sure you want to hang photos all over your wall, you can instead use framed fabric or beautiful wrapping paper. You can even dress up a wall with several different styles of frames. It’s up to you. Below are a few of the many photos collages around our home. Almost all of the photos (which the exception of one or two) were taken by me or my husband BJ.

My favorite collage is the one that hangs above the dining room entryway. It’s located in the front foyer and catches your eye as soon as you walk in our front door. In order to get the photos up that high, I really had to plan out exactly how I wanted to execute the finished product.

Supplies needed: frames, photos, computer paper folded to the size of the frame, painter’s tape, nails, hammer, level, one really tall ladder and courage (to climb the really tall ladder).

In order to get the photos on the wall in the arrangement  I wanted, I needed a way to transfer the arrangement from floor to the wall so I could see to move things around if needed. This also help prevent multiple nail holes. Below is the collage arranged on the floor so I could use something to reference when I transferred the design to the wall.

Next, I took the computer paper that I folded to match the size of each frame, and taped it to the wall.

Once I finished arranging and making adjustments to the paper on the wall, BJ used the paper as a reference to place each nail hole. Below is the finished product:

Here are a few more photo collages I designed.

This arrangement is located in the guest bath. The quote in the black square frame was done using a graphic I found online and then overlaying text on top of graphic. I used Pixelmator to design the finished product and then printed the design and cut it to fit the frame.

The collage below is part of an arrangement in our living room.


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