Decorating with a clean slate

A little over a year ago, my now husband and I moved into our brand-spanking-new four bedroom single family home, got married and began our life together. Now, over one year later, little by little, I’m taking the clean slate that we moved into and decorating it to fit our very colorful and what I like to consider “upbeat” style. Since we chose to build our home, we were able to avoid leftover tacky wallpaper left by previous homeowner, odd color paint on the walls and the usual assortment of interesting decorating styles. So here I am with a blank canvas, my creativity, a little bit of paint and I’m going to town.

Dining Room table

Every room in our house started out as a clean slate and little by little I'm adding our own personal touch.

This blog will be my before and afters, ideas for dressing up a room on a budget, the many photo collage wall treatments of our own photos and so much more. I hope you enjoy.


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